Renewed Intensified Combat with OCPD

Renewed intensified realization that symptoms of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (henceforth OCPD) I was diagnosed with some time ago after I got married have been continuing to cause intolerable sufferings to my wife, to say nothing of myself, has been a kind of wake-up call for me, which in turn has made me decide to renew and intensify my combat with my OCPD.

The first thing I've already started to do is to reread - and this time more carefully - Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, which I've found the most informative professional book so far on this problem, in order to better understand, at least intellectually, which "monster" inside myself I've been combating with.

Unfortunately, I can't say that rather expensive one-year weekly psychotherapy has helped me very much to tame my OCPD or even cope with it more easily. I'll probably try another in Jerusalem, exercising my rights to receive mental health care with a nominal fee as a member of Maccabi. I discovered these rights only this month, thanks to someone I got acquainted with last month who also suffers from OCPD and has been receiving psychotherapy this way for quite some time.

I'm also intrigued to try the so-called life between lives regression therapy. I first encountered the concept "life between lives" through Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, which I read many years ago. I read further testimonies of this spiritual world in Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul's Gift, which I first encountered and read last April and am rereading now. I simply want to understand why I've chosen this specific life with OCPD as part of the package in this reincarnation of mine though I still don't understand for lack of experience with this therapy how this understanding can also be therapeutic.