The First Year of Marriage

I missed our first wedding anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on the first year of our marriage. I use this season in the Jewish calendar as a no less good opportunity to do so.

If I have to summarize this year in a single sentence, I would say that I've learning more during this period than in any other time in my life. This is not because everything has been easy but precisely because we've experienced a number of hardships living together, including crises of divorce.

This has also been a year of self search and spiritual awakening for me. Our married life has been hampered by the worsening state of my OCPD. But paradoxically my struggle with this psychological disorder of mine and search for ways to alleviate it have lead me to unexpected discoveries about myself, including my unconscious thoughts and suppressed emotions, and one ingenious method to liberate myself from their tyranny and align myself with my soul.

It's Joey Klein's Conscious Transformation. I don't remember how I stumbled upon his book entitled The Inner Matrix, but it's the most profound and well devised practical guide to the transformation of ourselves in the most fundamental and systematic way I've ever encountered and learned. My wife, whom I strongly recommended this book, has become no less impressed with his teaching, so that after reading this book twice, we have decided to pursue it further by joining one of the Inner Matrix Groups facilitated by one of Joey Klein's apprentices and taking four series of his audio courses called Mental Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Physical Mastery, and Spiritual Mastery. The order of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual is important. My wife and I are thinking of starting our own Inner Matrix Groups here in Jerusalem after our study has made sufficient progress.

Clearly realizing how I would like to spend the rest of my life is the no less significant fruits of this period in my life. This will involve a most fundamental change in my life. I'm starting to take the first step soon toward this change. I can vividly vision myself both in its process and after its end.