Krav Maga and Neuroplasticity

Having learned the importance of taking action and taking action of taking action by implementing this important lesson, I started participating in a weekly lesson in Krav Maga taught by Yosi Shmueli in his school Doron, affiliated with International Krav Maga Federation, at Ramot Alon Community Center in Jerusalem this Wednesday - a few weeks after I decided to start learning Krav Maga.

The ultimate goal of my learning Krav Maga is to strengthen my mental toughness through tough physical training, and the measurable goal is to reach the green belt (from the while belt, with which every beginner starts, through the yellow and orange belts) within five years.

It's true that I was impressed with the fact that someone - Imi Lichtenfeld - invented such an efficient system, if not ex nihilo, single-handedly, especially watching not only my new teacher, who is one of the direct disciples of Imi Lichtenfeld. But I was far more impressed watching the other students, especially those who only started practicing Krav Maga last September, as I've witnessed so vividly the power of neuroplasticity as applied to our physical body.

At the same time I was also reminded of the sorts of physical training requiring skills I've had until now, including, table tennis, Ashkenazic folk dance, Iyengar Yoga, Total Immersion Swimming, and ChiRunning, how I struggled with them at the beginning, and how my movements became more and more polished and natural as I continued to wire my brain, so to speak. So remembering my first day in learning each of these five physical skills and comparing it with what I can do now, I could feel (and still remain) encouraged and motivated to continue my new physical practice of Krav Maga.