Metaphor of a Candle

My self-image that is being reinforced, especially as a new life coach, through the study of Hasidism is that of a candle with its flame as my soul and its wax as my ego. Like the candle flame my soul strives upward by consuming the wax, my ego. I also try to ignite fire in other candles whose flame is flickering and transform darkness even with the light that is growing stronger through the study of Hasidism. By sharing your fire with others you don't have it diminished.

Recently I made one interesting experiment of igniting fire in giving tsdaka to those who come to the shul where I daven every Friday morning, asking for money. Having realized that neither givers nor receivers smile, I smiled to the first "victim" I gave money. It seems to have taken him a little while to realize what was going on, but to my joy, he smiled me back! I did the same thing to the second "victim" and got the same reaction.

I've been thinking of two more grandioze experiments to ignine fire in others to transform their darkness into light in addition to Jewish life coaching. About a week ago I happened to get acquainted with two people who have been doing these experiments, and I've started discussing with them about how I myself can also carry out the experiments.