Restoring Enthusiasm to Life

I've decided to restore one important positive force I used to have both privately and professionally but seem to have lost in the meanwhile - enthusiasm - as a desperate attempt to revitalize my life, which has become filled with negative forces, and make myself (and people around me) happier.

It may still be difficult to remain enthusiastic all the time, but it may not be totally impossible to be enthusiastic in certain moments and extend these moments of enthusiasm as long as possible, even artificially with the help of some external means.

When I asked myself what enthuses me, the first thing that came to my mind was Ashkenazic folk dance, which I studied in three workshops over the span of three years from Walter Zev Feldman, which is not only a truly amazing dancer but also my most favorite klezmer music player. Some people, including my mother and sister, say that I'm at my best when I dance. I myself feel fully aligned with myself when I dance this specific dance and become spiritually enthusiastic, at least internally if not externally.

So I've decided to revive my old daily ritual of dancing this dance alone and listening to my favorite klezmer music tunes, some of which were used in our dance workshops, when running on weekday mornings and commuting to my workplace a couple of times a week. I've already been able to confirm that these revived morning rituals have a very positive effect on the rest of my day!

I've also decided to cleanse all my negative emotions, especially fear, which is considered the "captain" of all the negative emotions, and forgive in my heart all the people who have hurt me one by one. I've already found three practical handbook for these purposes and will start applying them during my winter vacation in February.