What Israeli and Japanese Societies Can learn from Each Other

I could not update this blog of mine as I have been very busy preparing, among others three talks I am invited to give during my forthcoming visit to Japan. I am leaving Israel for Japan tomorrow night after the end of the Sabbath. They are entitled as follows and will be given on the following dates and at the following places:

  • Application of Computing to Jewish Studies [2011-01-25, Kyoto University; in English]
  • False Friends in Modern Hebrew and Modern Yiddish [2011-02-06, University of Tokyo; in Japanese]
  • Comparison of Israeli and Japanese Societies - What They Can Learn from Each Other [2011-02-08, Tokyo Michijuku; in Japanese]

I thought the third talk might also interest (not many) readers of this blog-shmog. Here is its summary:

  • What Japanese society can learn from Israeli society
    • Do not trust the so-called common sense
    • Do not be afraid of making enemies
    • Do not take every criticism personally and emotionally
    • Train your sense of humor
    • Train your ability to ask good questions
    • Get involved in the local community
    • Do not bring public things into private space
    • Do not apologize unnecessarily when you have no fault
    • Do not be too humble
  • What Israel society can learn from Japanese society
    • Move not only your brain, mouth and stomach but also your body
    • Be punctual
    • Keep promises
    • Do not be too selfish
    • Listen more to others
    • Do not bring rivate things into public space
    • Apologize when you apparently have a fault
    • Do not praise yourself too much
  • What both Israeli and Japanese society should learn
    • Be more confident of the culture and language of your country
    • Learn and respect more the traditions that should be passed to the next generation
    • Have more interest in other cultures and languages
    • Do not think you are special except for the specialness that you think that your nation is special