Pleasure of Total Immersion Swimming

Since I took private lessons in Total Immersion Swimming about a month ago during my trip in Japan, each of my (week)day comes its peak when I practice it before supper. I have also become a kind of evalgelist of this revolutionary method of swimming (and its method of teaching). I am a living proof for the efficienty of this method as I could not swim the crawl at all until I took these private lessons. Now I seem to be able to swim much faster with far less strokes, making far less waves, than any other who swims the crawl at the same time and place in which I swim.

Little by little I am starting to feel with my body what I have understood with my brain. Efficiency in swimming leads both to beauty and speed in swimming. By effiency in swimming I mean swimming longer with one stroke. A typical misconception many swimmers who have not been exposed to Total Immersion Swimming have is that they move forward in the water using mainly the muscles of their arms and legs. Watching my fellow swimmers in the same swimming pool, I can now see clearly that this is wrong. Instead, we use our core muscles of our body in order to swim efficiently, and we use our arms and legs mainly in order to switch the sides and support our body respectively. Even after swimming one hour, which I do every weekday these days, my arms and legs do not get tired at all as they used to before learning Total Immersion Swimming.

I also liked the way I was taught. They do not teach the complete movement as it is from the beginning. Instead, it is divided into smaller "modules", each of which focuses on one sub-movement of one body part as well as the posture of the whole body then. This way you can always improve a certain sub-movement by drilling the relevant "module". I was taught the main "modules", which I can drill even by myself, though having a teacher by my side is always a big advantage. This modularized learning method helps me feel that I am making a constant progress. Now I think that this method can be applied to other subjects.

In conclusion, I recommend Total Immersion Swimming to everybody. You have to be neither musculous nor even physically fit (right now) in order to learn to swim the crawl efficiently, beautifully and faster than before. I hope that I will be able to learn this method of swimming well enough to share its skill someday in the future with others who are what I used to be before.