Ideal Multilingual/Multiscript Text Editor

Unfortunately, few average users of personal computers use a text editor these days. I am also astonished anew every time I encounter people who use a word processor, most notably bloatware called Microsoft Word, for those tasks that are handled much better with a text editor when only the textual information is relevant. But on the other hand, I agree that starting to use a text editor requires a fundamental change in the mindset of a computer user, and he or she will experience a steep learning curve, especially in the beginning. Few (or probably even none) of my colleagues and students in linguistics seem to use any text editor. I am really sorry for them, as I believe that linguists can benefit a lot from the use of a text editor. Instead, they are wasting a lot of time for those tasks that can be accomplished very easily and quickly if you know how to use a text editor, including the so-called regular expressions.

Life of someone who needs to handle any RTL script, including Hebrew script, is very difficult. There are few sophisticated text editors that also suppor the so-called Unicode bidirectional algorithm. I tried literally hundreds of text editors that claim to be Unicode-compliant. But every time I got disappointed with each new text editor I tried. Most of them turned out to fail to support bidirectional algorithm, and what few text editors that supported it were not sophisticated enough as text editors, including lack of support for regular expressions. I had been in constant search for such a text editor (for Windows) at least for ten years, until I received an announcement this week about the release of version 7 of EditPad Pro. This text editor is simply too good to be true. It has excellent multilingual/multiscript support, while making no compromise with its functionality as a text editor. I recommend this amazing text editor to everyone, not only to those who have to type in RTL script.

My search for an ideal multilingual/multiscript text editor (that also supports regular expressions) has finally come to an end. Now I spend more time with it than with any other software program when my computer is on. I am highly critical of everything, but this time I have nothing but words of praise for this text editor and its manufacturer, who has made my dream come true.