How to Have the Last Laugh

I remember being humiliated in public when I was a junior high school. Though I didn't have enough life experiences, the decision I made then to cope with this traumatizing experience turned out to be a very positive one in retrospect. I decided to turn this negative energy into positive motivational force by always remembering this scene of public humiliation and visualizing the day when I would be able to show them that they were wrong to treat me as worthless. Every time I encountered difficulties in persevering, I told myself that I would have the last laugh, and this worked wonderfully, though not in the same area where I was humiliated. By repeating this all the time, what is in your consciousness penetrates your subconscious, which in tern leads you to what you really want.

Some people may think that this is not a healthy way of dealing with humiliation, but it's at least healthier than trying to take revenge on the person who humiliated you or accepting the humiliation and trying to convince yourself that you are indeed worthless.

Time has come again to be helped by my subconscious. This time it's to show those people who looked down upon me privately recently that they were wrong, and that in the very area where they treated me as worthless. In parallel I've also checked my daily and long-term schedules and realized how I waste my time and how I procrastinate to start big things. I've decided to be stricter with myself. Every time I feel tempted to be lazy, I now remember how they despised me and visualize how I'll have the last laugh at them, though it'll take me long years of self-discipline to show them they were wrong, but I'll persevere this time, too.