Interim Results of Self-Work in Spirituality

It's about one year since I started my systematic self-work in spirituality with an unexpected adversity in life as my inspiring teacher. In addition to the lessons of life I've learned through the process of coping with and getting over this adversity I've especially been benefited from the teachings of two spiritual teachers - Eckhart Tolle (through his two books The Power of Now and A New Earth as well as his new School of Awakening) and Leo Gura (through his website and numerous free online videos as well as his Ultimate Life Purpose Course).

As I've progressed in my self-work, I've come to feel the world quite differently. Many of those things and people who once interested me have stopped to do so. They include, among others, academic research (for its own sake), Yiddishism and Esperantism as ideologies-cum-movements, politics and political discussions, to name just a few. These things now seem to me to be vanities devoid of any spiritual meaning, thus a waste of time though I don't deny other people's right to pursue them if they can find enough meaning in doing so.

Also in Facebook many posts by many of the people I'm connected with there simply don't interest me any more. And I'm afraid they on their part find little or no interest in many or all of my posts there. I feel we are living in two totally different worlds. I've just found a convincing explanation for why I've come to feel this way in one of the recent videos by Leo Gura. To make a long story short, our consciousness simply works differently, which in turn affects how we think, feel, and speak (differently).